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WAN Solutions
RATHNA WAN Solutions offer the industry's fastest and most flexible routers, providing connectivity from the smallest to the largest networks. WAN solutions include scalable products for easy entry-level access to routing as well as the fastest, most advanced routers available to meet the needs of the enterprise networks with critical applications. WAN Solutions
Having worked with some of the biggest names in Telecom industry (Cisco, Lucent, etc.), STADS has a proven track record in providing software development services
WANS are designed to operate between a large miniature of telecommunication carrier and typically allow access over serial interfaces operating at lower speeds. WAN can be designed to provide dial on demand or full time connectivity over wide even global areas. WAN use serial Connections of various types to acess bandwidth over wide area geographic.An enterprise pays a service provider for the carrier connections. Key WAN device is the ROUTER.
Network layer device that uses one or more metrics to determine the optimal path along which network traffic should be forwarded.
Routers forward packets from one network to another based on network layer information contained in routing updates.Routing is the process of finding a Path to a destination host. Routers offer many services including internetworking and WAN interface controls.
Optional Modules available are
Sync/Async modem ports
ISDN Cards
Voice Cards
WAN inerface Cards
Leased line modems - 64 KBPS/2MBPS
Dial up modem 19.6 KBPS, 33.6 KBPS, 56 KBPS
Analog Modem Top
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